Data: Added value and monetary access

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    The ultimate goal is to create more value for farmers, dairy processors, and for all consumers.

    The value created should be shared with those carrying out the value-added activities, which could range from existing milking machine companies and farmer co-ops to cloud computing firms and technology start-ups.

    Different transformation steps potentially add value to the data and determining where farmers and companies pay for added value that such services provide is central to this discussion.

    Communication of the results is also critical; different visualizations and summaries that are phrased in the language of the dairy industry also add value.

    Are the transformations that are carried out, both during the curation and the analytics phases, performed in a timely, cost-effective, and reliable fashion? Otherwise their value becomes negligible.

    Application programming interfaces (APIs) are like gates — they could be free or they could be tolled —

    If the data had some monetary value, how does this value could be established?

    Who is going to pay for the data?

    How does this payment should be established?

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