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    Aggregating data from different sources enables better decision support services. Aggregation is dependent on the willingness of the different companies to share the data with prior consent of the farmers.

    Establishing the benefits of data sharing to farmers and to data suppliers is the first step for making data communication happen.

    How does this process should be addressed?

    The next step is to establish protocols to make data communication happen.
    How should establish these protocols? How?

    Further, does the development of application programming interfaces (APIs) is the direction to facilitate data sharing? Are there other options?


    1) Can you de-identify data to some extent- like using HIPPA kind of approaches to make sharing possible without knowing which farm the data came from?

    2) I think most farmers will know the benefit of sharing data. Data is worth money, so is there a way to incentivize sharing data? For example, I used to get reduced semen costs on bulls for contributing carcass data for genetic evaluation when I worked in the beef cattle world. Are there intermediate data summaries that could feed back to producers to facilitate bigger picture analytics by others using the data downstream?

    3) Data sharing protocols: how do you protect producers and companies? Is there a minimal information / data for sharing that might be a set of data points that everyone agrees will help and would be willing to share and then slowly add more data to it while addressing privacy and intellectual property issues?

    4) APIs- This will help the big data users, but will it be helpful to all? It would need to be a simple API with easy commands to fetch data. Alternatively, you may want to use ftp sites if you think you will be sharing specific, complete portions of datasets more often than needing to pull specific data points for different users. Maybe you need both. Could you use a git type software (version control) to help track data transfer and versions, edits, etc. It might take a hybrid of multiple approaches. Without having an idea of the size of the data, it’s a little hard to say.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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