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    In the dairy industry who should exchange what data, why, and how should this be facilitated?

    The Agricultural Data Hub (AgDH) acts as a data mart, or some market-based system to facilitate the exchange of data at various levels of refinement and provides access to data that is used to add value via analytics, aggregation, or inference. It is the exchange that monetizes the added value, generating an alignment of groups that share data up and down the value chain. How can that market operate effectively?

    Modern software applications have a series of interfaces that allow them to exchange data with other software applications, termed application programming interfaces (APIs).

    Open data exchange between completely disparate software systems is the value that APIs bring to the table.

    In any industry, there are a number of issues that are critical to address in order for such a system to succeed:

    How can we encourage participation and have many data providers and users interact with the system?

    Can we provide APIs and data management standards that reflect the agricultural domain characteristics but are also relatively inexpensive to instantiate?

    Are there concrete examples that show what is possible with such data streams? This then opens the opportunity for new entrepreneurs to develop new software tools or other services based on their creative ideas or specific needs.


    Has anyone done an economic analysis of the value of animal agricultural data? The AI industry would be an interesting place to consider to start to develop an initial model. Maybe someone has done this in the plant sciences? It seems like you’d need the data value estimate to answer a lot of these questions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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