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    Other questions about data ownership have to be discussed, for example around the topics of derivative products and data persistence. Data portals might ease the pain of granting access to data streams but if new intellectual property (IP) is added to a raw dataset, the derived works could be considered to be a new, independent product, with its own associated rights and permissions. Here an appropriate language in a data use/exchange agreement is critical between the original data generator and vendor.

    Establish a ‘chain of custody’ to transparently link the owner of the data to the user of the data. Once this ‘chain of custody’ is established it will be important for data generators to understand how long their data might reside within a derivative data product. An give the option to the farmer to add or subtract users of their data.


    A question here, who is the neutral party that doesn’t constantly change the rules? One potential concern is if I join a data sharing agreement and someone buys the company, will the agreement be updated on me? Can universities do this? You need a neutral body at the middle to act as arbiter of data it seems, or laws to protect peoples data- maybe similar to what has occurred in Europe recently.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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